Are you ready for Jelly Wars 2.0?


It’s time to arm yourself and do battle once more as the eagerly-awaited sequel to the popular Jelly Wars prepares to enter the arena!

After its launch in 2011, mobile gamers across the globe have been waiting in fevered anticipation for news about the sequel of Jelly Wars game. Well, the wait is over and it really has been worth it. Here, on our newly-launched blog, we exclusively reveal just what’s going to set the next Jelly Wars apart from every other mobile game out there…

Long-time mobile gaming veteran and Star Arcade CTO, Jani Immonen, reveals the straightforward yet unique ideology supporting the development of the latest version: “Different people around the world have different mobile devices, so let’s make a game which works on all platforms so everyone can play with and against each other.”

So that’s what we’ve done; the next Jelly Wars will be available on Facebook and across all popular mobile platforms including iOS, Android and Windows Phone, allowing gamers around the world to play together.

When we originally started out on the journey, our honest belief was this would be a straightforward update. The sheer amount of incredible new content we were able to pour into its development transformed what started as an update into the next version of Jelly Wars. As a result, we believe this will be the best real-time multi-player experience across different mobile platforms.

One of Jelly Wars 2 concept images.

One of Jelly Wars 2 concept images.

We’ve listened to what our gamers want. You wanted more action. You wanted it faster-paced. And you wanted more expansive and varied levels. Well, guess what? We’ve delivered exactly what you want and a whole lot more.

When Jelly Wars first launched, it was considered by many gamers as challenging to master. In the latest version, we’ve made Jelly Wars more accessible so you can dive into the action more quickly. For hardcore gamers, we’ve incorporated more challenging game modes and a revamped ranking mode allowing you to compete against gamers with the same level of experience.

We’re excited knowing no-one else has managed to develop anything close to the technology we’re introducing when the next Jelly Wars hits your mobile device. What we achieved with the first Jelly Wars made us very proud but now’s the time to take social mobile gaming to another level.

Something big is coming…


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