Revealing the new game mode – watch the first gameplay video!


In this week’s blog post we take a look at the unique game mode of Jelly Wars 2.0. Total of 2-8 players in the same session at the same battle arena, on their own devices, going plain crazy – all at the same time. This time we even released a first ever gameplay video of Jelly Wars 2.0 for you to see!

A great way to describe the game would be online battle arena, but that doesn’t really do justice to the casual, instant fun bringing, social gaming experience (as seen in the vid below!). From the very start we wanted to create a game, where even losing could be fun – now how many games can you name that are like that?! This new ideology in game design partly makes it possible to very different skill level players to battle each other with similar odds. Here’s how this thing works:

First every player makes his/hers move (e.g. move their Jelly, shoot, teleport, heal, etc.). As soon as player has made its move, it is presented in a “prediction view”. This view simulates what is going to happen, for example where does your thrown bomb land. Now the twist is that once other players have made their moves, you can see their predictions on your screen as well. That’s real time simulation for all of the players! This is where the fun truly starts; did your target move away or did your bomb collide with other one, it all starts to unravel before your eyes in prediction view.

However when the last player has made its move, it is show time! Now everything happens simultaneously, in real time, across all the players’ devices. “Prediction view” is neat, but often you don’t have change to see the last few players’ moves, so prepare to bite you fingernails and laugh at the same time as the action happens!

Jelly Wars 2.0 is our first game to utilize our multiplayer technology with more than 2 players. Theoretically that technology we have made to run on background doesn’t have any restrictions on how many players it can support, but after extensive testing (and laughs!) we concluded that 8 players is the optimal amount for tablet-first type of game. That said, who knows what we might bring to you guys and gals in future..

You can read our previous post “Are you ready for Jelly Wars 2.0?” here.


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