Pimp My Jelly! The new step in character customization!


As promised, this time we’ll write about this fabulous fella over here. See him? That’s our master of decoration, the “Pimp My Jelly” Jelly. We talked a bit about how customizing your own jelly has gained more important role in Jelly Wars 2, and also how much those personalization options have evolved in the game. So how does this blue-haired gentlejelly fit in exactly? Keep on reading and you’ll find out.

As we briefly mentioned in the previous post about Character design and animation, the customizability of the personal jelly – one of the players’ favorite feature in original Jelly Wars – is present and improved in forthcoming game as well. What we didn’t mention you is that the Jelly above is behind it: Pimp My Jelly is the Jelly that’ll help you look your finest when going into battle!

The store provides you a wide variety of different items and looks to customize yourself in countless of ways. Fancy a beard? We’ve got it. Always wanted to have one of those talkshow-pointy-hair-curls? We’ve got you covered. The store provides you a way to make your characters unique, and makes it possible for you to recognize your opponents from their looks instead of just their names.

Hats, accessories, piercings? No prob! Here are some samples of what’s in store (pun intended):

hat_joan_collinshat_stetson ornate_summer_hatpiercing-001sunglasses_ray_ban_aviator

And the great thing is, that we are constantly adding more customization content to the game, and will continue doing so even after the initial launch. Is there anything specific you would like to have added to the store? We might just do that for you!

Oh, and by the way – in our next post we’ll have a good fix of brand new video content for you guys! I hope you are as excited as we are!


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