Jelly Island – Your Base of Operations!


Oh boy, you guys and gals are in for a treat this time – we reveal new gameplay aspects, brand new (and longer) video trailer, and more! The main focus will be on the gameplay aspects, as we like to introduce you to a completely new part of the game which we haven’t shared before: The Island. In the new Jelly Wars 2.0 we have broadened the focus from mere head-on battles to ongoing activities that allow you to construct and develop better war gear to increase your odds on the battlefield. Want to know how it works exactly? Keep on reading and you’ll find out!


Early drafts of the Island’s Facilities

Even though the game itself is multiplayer, the island is an oasis where you can cool off between the heated battles on your own. In the Island you can build your new civilization by restoring wreckage and setting up bases for facilities such as the bomb building factory, the refinery, and more.

When we asked the main man behind the Islands design what inspired him to make the Island the way it is he said:

“It was really inspiring to think about what kind of design and monuments you yourself could build without hands!”

As you can see, our folks have a sense of humor. But luckily we managed to get a more serious answer out of him as well.

“We wanted to create a completely unique graphic style for the Jelly World, and we were adamant on sticking to a 2D-style. 2D brings out better the sensitive design solutions and the actual drawing work behind the final piece, and with the vector graphic techniques the players can still enjoy detailed high-definition art work while they play”.

But where did the idea for the Island itself come from?

“With the Island we wanted to create a dimension where the players can work on their bombs, and instead of creating a complex and messy tangled web of menus, we decided to make it its own game entity. The results were even more amazing than we expected – the battle arena, the island, and the Jelly Customization all come together perfectly! Some players might even end up liking playing on the Island more than on the arena.”

In a way the Jelly Island works as a portal to all the key features of the game. But enough text. We’ll let the promised video content speak for itself. Ladies and Gents, here it is – The Extended promo for Jelly Wars 2.0:

Like it a lot? Yeah we knew you would. If you want to see us on Steam (a.k.a. on PC) as well, you can make it happen by voting for us in Greenlight!


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