Ready to Go BOOM!


I say boom boom boom, now let me hear you say wayoh! If you got excited about the “Big Booms and the Story Behind Them”, you’re going to love our post this time – it’s time to gear up for the arena with the best bombs available, and the Bomb Factory is your tool for that! Like most of things in-game, we have gone great lengths from original Jelly Wars, and in bomb-crafting (and of course bombing itself) the new title really steps up the game.

As most of you already know, the bombs are the main offense while battling on the arena. But instead of just classic explosives, we offer the player an arsenal of six different and unique ways of creating bombastic havoc on the battlefield:

  • The Bomb (basic): May not have as fancy special features as the other bombs, but is still quite useful for making some damage to the opponents within a clear field of vision. Deadly weapon especially in the hands of a skilled player. Will be one angry tool of destruction when upgraded to top levels!
  • Sticky: You can’t get rid of this little friend until it explodes. Will get stuck on the first thing it hits and the poor target just has to wait for the BOOM.
  • Cluster: Handy for making some total destruction. It not only explodes but also sends three extra clusters to spread some more damage to its surroundings.
  • Snow: Your opponent might think that they’re safe, sitting on a solid steel game blocks. Turn the steel into ice using this bomb and all of a sudden they’re one hit away from falling down.
  • Smoke: Have a cunning plan that you want to hide? Opponents can’t see anything inside the cloud that your smoke bomb creates. But beware, if you end up in one, there might be a bomb on your head or someone slapping you in the face, out of the blue.
  • Fire: Someone might call it a bunker buster while to others it is known as the fireball from the heavens. Either way, no one is safe even behind stone walls – Fire bomb will burn its way through the walls and hit the surprised enemies.


On explosion, each bomb has a unique cloud color, helping you to keep track on what bombs are currently deployed. Especially snow and smoke bombs bring very neat tactical aspect to the pretty straightforward gameplay: you can cover yourself from enemies’ eyes or hide the best blocks to jump on to (this way other players usually miss their jumps, and on the best scenarios, fly right off the battlefield!)

On top of having 6 different bombs, each type of bomb has 10 different levels you can upgrade them to – The Island Research Center includes Blueprints which you can unlock in order to strengthen your bombs. Better bombs, better offense!

 steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_266473885_preview (1)

The creation process itself happens in the bomb factory – you all have already met the bomb factory boss before, but here he is in his natural habitat! Each bomb requires a different set of ingredients to be built. You yourself harvest the ingredients used, so remember to pay some attention to the island as well!


But gathering the ingredients is not the only process required for bomb building – you also need to refine the raw ingredients to a usable form. And that’s something we’ll talk about in the next time’s blog post as we introduce you to the refinery!

The blog will be taking a brief summer break, so make sure to keep up with our social media to find out when we’re coming back with some brand new exciting developer blog posts!

PS: Don’t forget that the Steam voting is still ongoing, so remember to give Jelly your vote if you haven’t done so already!



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