Across Platforms and Beyond!

The summer breaks are over, but worry not! The Jelly Wars Developer Blog is back in business! This time we’ll talk a bit about Synchronous Crossplatform Gaming, which has been a big deal in Asia for a longer while now, but for some reason hasn’t landed in the West fully yet – not before now.

Star Arcade plans to take social gaming into a whole new level with the synchronous crossplatform gaming – a new, 2.0 level, where people with same interest can gather together with any device to do what they enjoy the most – Battling real-time with 8 other players!

“There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to start the game on Facebook and continue playing on your mobile phone while you’re on the road and switch to your tablet in the evening when you just want to lie down on the couch”, Jonne Castrén explained on the benefits of Synchronous Crossplatform Gaming. “Sure crossplatform is hard to make and having synchronous online gaming on top of that makes it even harder. Star Arcade is up to this challenge with very mature tech that we have been building since 2007” – Jonne continues.

“You can only get a true cloud gaming experience when you can pick up any platform you want and just start playing, continuing where you last left off”.

For some reason people tend to view that setting up synchronous game sessions is a heavy process for the gaming experience, when in reality it’s pretty much the total opposite.

“Our aim is going to be to gather a session of 8 players in 10 seconds. There’s not going to be any waiting rooms or queues to the battles – instead the players get to continue their gaming experience and tune their Jelly’s appearance, build their bomb inventory and other resources while the session prepares. So even that 10 sec connecting time won’t give you the feeling of waiting”.

If you happened to forget about all the cool actions mentioned above you can catch up with them by watching the game’s promo video!

In synchronous gaming, the feeling that you get when you get to react instantly to every move your opponent makes, instead of just helplessly watching a replay about what has already happened, – there’s no comparing to that feeling.

Facing your opponents, in real time, across different platforms, teaming up with players located at different continents is the future of gaming. It’s not location or existing social connections, but similar likes and interests that are defining the new gaming industry nowadays. It’s the way of the future – and Star Arcade’s bringing it to you with Jelly Wars.


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