The Wait Is over


The day is here. The main day. What day is that, you ask? Well, you lucky gals and gents are finally going to get your hands on the new, better than ever, Jelly Wars! The game is available for download RIGHT NOW in selected countries.

The first lucky countries to get their gaming going are Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. But worry not if your country wasn’t included in the list – soon the game’ll be available across the globe! The Jellies are available on all the major platforms, and you can get it on your devices from  Apple App Store, Google Play and more! The easiest way to get your hand on the game is to go here and follow the download links from there.

Excited yet? Well of course you are! You might not need a reminder of what’s ahead, but let’s go through the whole deal once more anyway.


Epic realtime 8-player online battles across platforms and country borders, with the ability to tune your Jelly to your liking, upgrading your weaponry and building your village to get ingredients for your new epic bombs even faster! Build the blueprints for your refinery and bomb factory to make sure you get the ingredients you’ve collected made into game winning bombs as effectively as possible.


What’s best – you get your hands on this beauty for free. So as soon as you’ve finished reading this blog post (Or why not even right now) you can go and get the new Jelly Wars on your device and start building your own Island Empire!


Build your way to winning, and may the best Jelly win (and get epic game video footage to proof it )!


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