First look at the Audio – listen to the Jelly Wars 2 Anthem now!


As promised, this week we will tell you about the work that’s involved in getting the music and sounds to Jelly Wars 2. We grabbed our gear and headed to “Studio Audio”, the mixing studio where the magic happens, to interview our sound guy and grab a few photos of how game music is made.

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Revealing the new game mode – watch the first gameplay video!


In this week’s blog post we take a look at the unique game mode of Jelly Wars 2.0. Total of 2-8 players in the same session at the same battle arena, on their own devices, going plain crazy – all at the same time. This time we even released a first ever gameplay video of Jelly Wars 2.0 for you to see!

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Are you ready for Jelly Wars 2.0?


It’s time to arm yourself and do battle once more as the eagerly-awaited sequel to the popular Jelly Wars prepares to enter the arena!

After its launch in 2011, mobile gamers across the globe have been waiting in fevered anticipation for news about the sequel of Jelly Wars game. Well, the wait is over and it really has been worth it. Here, on our newly-launched blog, we exclusively reveal just what’s going to set the next Jelly Wars apart from every other mobile game out there… Continue reading