The Merry Jellys – Remaking the Warriors

jelly_wars-hahmo-sketch-1_002 copy

A great game is the combined result of many elements that work seamlessly together – the story, the music and of course – the characters. After the first Jelly Wars, the simple, little bouncy warriors needed an upgrade to match the gorgeous new Jelly Wars 2.0.  Jaakko Mehtälä was the man with the mission to do so: “I’ve now been working here for a year, and the first thing they gave me when I got here was this paper with two simple prints – the red and blue Jellys. Star Arcade gave me completely free hands to play with the characters, and that’s exactly what I did”. The picture above is the earliest sketch Jaakko did at Star Arcade, of which the one in the low middle is the closest to what the characters look like today. Well we are certainly glad that Jellys don’t have those wiggly legs, but what’s new, you say? Continue reading and see for yourself!

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