The big booms and the story behind them


Last time we dove into the details of how music is made for Jelly Wars 2. This time we’ll continue with the audio world of Jelly Wars 2.0, as we hear how sound effects and such are made for the game. Our “sound guy” Torsti told us, that the making of the effects starts with the same process as any project in general – the requirements specification: “They had this really clear image of what they wanted and it helped me out a lot. The only thing is – when we had the first briefing about the project, they (Jelly Wars developer group) came in with this paper document they had tried to write on the sounds they wanted – oh man you should’ve seen it, it was so hilarious.” Continue reading


First look at the Audio – listen to the Jelly Wars 2 Anthem now!


As promised, this week we will tell you about the work that’s involved in getting the music and sounds to Jelly Wars 2. We grabbed our gear and headed to “Studio Audio”, the mixing studio where the magic happens, to interview our sound guy and grab a few photos of how game music is made.

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